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Facebook Places: How’s your customer service?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re well aware by now, that last week Facebook made its anticipated debut into the location-based arena with Facebook Places. while much talk is devoted to the benefits Places brings to businesses, a post by the dudes and dudettes at Inside Facebook titled Facebook Places: The Real-Time Web Without Search, made me think of the implications, negative word of mouth may have on your business. Here’s a little taster from that post:

Using the write API, data from across location services can be aggregated to a Places page. Unlike hashtags, which can easily differ from each other and thereby splinter the data, Facebook keeps everything tidy by suggesting the most popular instance of a Place if you try to create a similar one. While there’s no Twitter integration yet, someone could create a system that converts hashtags into Places API write calls. While Places check-ins are currently only visible to friends regardless of your setting, the fact that there is a privacy option to share check-ins with everyone means Places pages are equipped to become public repositories of real-time information.

Now before you press that “Is this your business?” button giving you admin access to your place, how confident are you about your  customer service level?

Case in point: if my friend Joe visits your location and tells me and 500 million others, that Meg at the reservation desk is rude and just told him that if he’s not happy to wait a few minutes to be seated, there’s a McDonalds down the street that will gladly take his order. Will you have the listening tools in place to take action right away? What’s your game plan? Will you walk to the front and fire Meg? Can you recover from that real-time uppercut in front of the world or will you let me count to 10 and go meet Steph that’s “Nearby”(Pun intended)?

Facebook Places just gave way to free word of mouth and advertising but before you go ahead and launch your Place, tell me how is your customer service?

Endless possibilities are coming with Places but did you see the ditch on the side of the road? Facebook just provided consumers with ammo that can reach far beyond their next door neighbor.

Do you see any other pitfalls that small businesses should think of?

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