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4 suggestions to engage women through social media

The notion that women make up the majority of social media users is no novelty. They’ve rightfully taken their seats at the social media table and are determined to make their presence felt. Yet, some brands catering to women, find it difficult to engage the latter and enhance the relationships through social media tools.

For brands looking to engage women through social media, here are 4 recommendations you should consider:

1) Get with the program

Haven’t you received the memo? the focus groups, opinion polls, and surveys are so 2008! You want to build detailed customer profiles? social media’s got your back. It allows for a deep understanding of women lifestyles, their wants, and their needs. And all you have to do is sign up and plug your speakers and listen.

2)Caress their backs they’ll massage yours

Serve their interests effectively and you’ll experience unparalleled success. Women are bombarded with messages all day. don’t let your message be the one that supports “two Aleve takes the pain away”. Instead whisper in their ears. Connect with them on an emotional level. They should see themselves in your message.

3)Thick is the new Thin

Women want to be heard and they’ll tell you what they think about you. So develop think skin. Learn to face the brutal facts. When they tell you you’re not doing a good job, address their complaints and let them know that you’re working on fixing it. If the compliment you, follow your mother’s advice, thank them. Being mindful will shed light on weaknesses, and will bring about opportunities you haven’t identified, leading to business enlightenment. that’s worth more that any dollar amount spent on focus groups.

4) Tag team

If you’ve ever watched a wrestling match you know what I’m referring to. Partner up, include your target in your life. Open the doors to your plant if you have a product. If you want to give back to the community or embrace a cause, ask them which one they think is worthy. Have a poll on your facebook page. Inspiring your target making them feel they’re part of something will turn them into evangelists. they’ll bear the torch because they perceive you as someone doing good things.

In today’s competitive marketplace, you have to shape your brand around your community. Watching your competitors beat you to the social media games will only result in large sums invested in catch-up advertising. The time to act is now. We’re no longer experiencing let’s play it safe markets, it’s all about who will take the leap of faith and let their wings spread. If redbull gives you wings social media gives you a rocket and it sure ain’t science!

What other recommendations would you add? Have your say in the comment box.

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