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3 steps to supercharge your online voice

There’s a saying that goes: ” You don’t climb the ladder of success with your hands in your pockets”.

scream by Jason Prini

I think the same holds true for building influence in the digital world and making your voice resonate. Yesterday I watched Rafael Nadal reach his first grand slam at the tender age of 24. As I was sitting there in awe at the surgical precision with which he operated on Djokovic, I realized that this guy didn’t get there by sitting on his couch watching the many greats before him play. He studied them carefully and applied his learnings to his game. His prowess did not come from a single practice with uncle Toni, it came from persistence, determination, and confidence. But beyond that, his success didn’t happen overnight.

I’ve fallen prey to the notion that people around me compliment my writing and have always told me that this is what I should be doing. Well folks let me tell you something I’ve learned from the past month or so: there’s no paper, publisher, or media company knocking at my door asking that I join their ranks. On the contrary, I am sitting in dead silence. I even ring the door bell myself to see if it works properly. The problem is not that my writing sucks (or at least I’d like to think it doesn’t), the problem is that I approached this blogging thing the wrong way. There are an endless number of reasons that explain why my digital voice is not attracting loads of people to my blog but as I continue to examine the latter, here are three ways to remedy the problem that I’d like to share with you:

1) No good comes to those who wait

If you’re like me, you’ve probably been told that good things come to those who wait. Think again my friends, none of that is true. Especially in the digital galaxy. If you wait around for readers to come to your site, blog, fan page etc… you might wait a hot minute like my friend would say. The endless number of sites, blogs and fan pages available on the internet suggests you can’t wait around for your tribe to form around you. You have to go out and find your audience and let them know that you have this neat piece of  digital land that they can come to so that you can build a community. In my case, I’ve given commenting on other people’s spaces little to no effort. When you get into this blogging game, you have to go out and deliver valuable opinions on other blogs or you’ll be admiring your posts solo for a very long time. What I should do is check out a promising site or two and hang around there to see if I can be useful, helpful, and relevant.

2) Stop thinking Chris Brogan, think Camille Desrosiers

While Chris’s blogs consistently deliver food for thoughts, you have to think who the next A-lister is going to be. Follow the old timers, those that have been in the game for a while and can deliver useful content with their eyes closed on a daily basis but don’t overlook the up and coming digital stars. Those are the ones you want to be around when Seth, Mitch, Gary, Brian, etc… decide its time to bring in some fresh blood. Camille is part of that group of up and comers that will take social media to the next level. You can check out her blog and work here (in French).

3) Practice “I listen to you but I don’t hear you”

My mother often asks me if I’m listening to her or just hearing her. The difference between the two is this: while she rants about how I should be doing this and not that, I hear it but I listen to the voices in my head telling me the complete opposite. Whether it be online or offline, try listening to what people are saying. Listening means you’ll have more than the silly “huh huh” as a response. You’ll actually start having conversations that will lead to ideas for blog posts, that will challenge your intellectual stance and will challenge that of others as well, mapping out new directions and helping you build connections.

I could go on for days with other tips that would avoid smothering my digital voice such as lack of consistency in my posts, lack of clarity in my CTA, or the fact that my voice isn’t particularly compelling but I’d like for you to take the stage and share some of the tactics behind reaching success in the digital arena? Have your say in the comments section below and let’s build a case study around the topic.

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