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If the porn industry is hanging on by a thread because of web 2.0, why is it that ad campaigns still rely on sex? Sex isn’t selling anymore! October is breast cancer awareness month and like every year ad people are looking for creative ways to build awareness around this terrible disease. So, you’ve probably noticed bizarre status updates in your news feed that had you reading twice to make sure you weren’t dreaming. This year, Facebook’s awareness mission has female users post status updates like ” I like it in the locker room”. While the campaign has gone viral, I question the impact it will have on finding a cure for the disease by raising donations to fund more research. Oh my bad guys (men) I forgot to let you know what your female friends are referring to: They are telling you where they like to leave their purses.

Get it? breast cancer=terrible disease=needs more research to find a definite cure=let’s tell people where we like to leave our purse in a way where their vivid imaginations let them believe we’re talking about places where we enjoy…. you know….

Is this the best idea we could come up with? What exactly are the goals of this campaign? I’m guessing the goal is to build awareness around breast cancer. If that’s the case, do you think picturing where such and such would like to get down and dirty leads me to Google breast cancer and then make a donation? Did the people behind this poor effort think of conversions?Further, if you want to play the sex card, at least include an image or something (although that will not have me thinking about breast cancer either). I thought cheesy advertising was just for the Sham Wow or the Snuggie.

Besides, sex is no longer shocking. it’s on TV during prime time, it’s on Perez Hilton’s gossip site where you regularly catch a “nip slip” or an up-skirt shot of some celebrity. So drop the sex act and use your noggin. it’s too easy to push out a concept like that. Why? first I don’t think this will increase donations for the cause. Second it’s just a bad campaign.Finally, it’s just unclear what you want us to do, the CTA is completely absent.

This is what you can do (click) I’m not an affiliate of this campaign.

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