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The RIGHT Future is HERE! Do you see it?

Regardless of which field you’re in, you’re probably familiar with the adage ” People are your most important asset.” This statement however is missing a word. The RIGHT people are your most important asset!

Yesterday, I wrote a post where I argued that rather than focusing on the “what” we need to figure out the “who” to take traditional ad agencies through the digital revolution. While the focal point of my argument was that ad agencies need great leaders, Anthony Kalamut (@SouthsideAdguy), Professor and Program Chair of Creative Advertising at Seneca College (@SenecaCr8tive) in Toronto, directed me to a great article published last week in Forbes titled Are You Listening To The Future of Advertising? written by Scott Goodson. you can read the entire piece here.

We might not have crystal balls to look into and see what the future holds, but why look to some distant time when the “future” is present among us? The Future of advertising is Shivani Sharma, Carina Bouganim, Ashton France, David Taller, Kataryna Topol and al. These guys get it, they live it, they breathe it, they walk the walk and talk the talk. When the next JetBlue begins its AOR search via Twitter, these guys will take action, they’ll be locked and loaded to engage. Your agency better have these guys on payroll. How’s that for social media ROI?

Ad Age Insights argued in its The On-Demand Generation white paper that an Anderson Analytics’ annual survey of college students found that “94% of college-aged kids visit social networking site at least once per week, spending an average of 10.6 hours per week on those sites.” By the time this generation graduates and enters the workforce they’ll have plenty of experience with all things digital. You won’t have to train them, just give them the football and watch them run with it, you might learn a thing or two in the process.

We’re facing a changing industry, having the RIGHT people means your agency will easily adapt to trends. You don’t want folks that join your squad based solely on the name you’ve built for yourself.  When comes time to change tires because of a flat, you’ll see these people hitchhiking. The young guns however, will roll up their sleeves, get on their knees and help you change tires.

Secondly, having the RIGHT people spares you the trouble of having to motivate and tightly manage. They don’t need motivation, they’re full of energy, ambitious, opinionated, they have this inner-drive to produce best results and want to take part in the creation of something great. As a great leader you’ll let them. The results you’ll get will blow your hat off. You’ll have a team of equals, ready to ferociously debate eyeball-to-eyeball trying to figure out the best answers. They’ll call BS, BS and what you’ll have is multiple outstanding candidates and when comes time to step down, selecting the superstar successor will be a walk in the park.

shareholders don’t want the genius with a thousand helpers because when the genius leaves, the helpers are lost. Look at the Cleveland Cavaliers.

So tell me Are You Listening To The Future of Advertising? looking forward to reading your comments!!!


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