My name is Eric Adechi.

I’m a communications professional living in Montreal, Canada. I’ve had the chance to work in several ad agencies on telecommunications accounts as well as fashion.

If you’re taking the time to read this page and the posts on this blog, I felt I should give you the breakdown of what to expect. This blog is my playground. I’ll share most of my thoughts on topics ranging from social media to advertising.

In the next months some changes will take place but don’t worry I’m just testing a few of the possibilities such a medium has to offer. I’d love your advice, comments, criticism. If you see something you don’t like say so. If you read a post that you like, well like it! This blog is called the lid for one reason and one only: YOU CAN SPEAK YOUR MIND!

So kick back, throw your feet up, grab a cold one and let’s explore of that’s out there.

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