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October 14, 2010 Leave a comment

Surely, you’ve reached a point where you feel overwhelmed, you’ve lost sight of what’s important and don’t know which action to take next?As a result, you’re frustrated, and lack patience?One of my friends is going through this stage. To help, I suggested the first thing she must do is getting organized.

Until that conversation, I’ve never really paid attention to the immense place “organized” takes up in our everyday life. Being organized has an impact not only on yourself, but on those that depend on you. could be anyone from your kids, to your parents, to your co-workers. Being organized means you’re functioning within a formal structure, a coherent whole. For parents, being organized could mean, ensuring they get familiar with their kids’ school schedules, and after school activities and coordinate their own schedules around the former. For students, being organized could mean dividing their time efficiently and effectively between classes, assignments, friends, and family. whatever the case, “organized” is everywhere, it’s personal, it’s public, it’s essential. You can’t get past it, put it to the side, or delegate it. It’s your responsibility, your first step to becoming efficient . So what is one suppose to do when they’ve lost their mojo?

Something that seems to work for me is to stop everything, and take a step back before panic sets in. I then analyze what is causing me to be less productive, look at how I can switch it up and I start making the necessary changes. Doing this is challenging because while you stop to take a moment, the world around you continues to move. The trick is to find idle times where you can devote yourself to getting organized and where minimal impact is felt by those around you. Getting organized takes time. The sooner you start the better off you’ll be. Don’t let disruptive events corner you.

We all get hit with the occasional “I’m so lost, I don’t know what to do.” but we’ve always known what to do. We just sometimes forget how to do it. So go ahead my friends, get organized. Do it now, not tomorrow, not next week, now. You’ll bear the fruits sooner than you think. How do you get organized? let us know in the comment section.